Hi everyone.

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the summer, I hear that for many it has been unseasonably (cool and wet) and for others almost to warm. Here at the lodge June started out cool and wet and now it is almost too hot. Along with the heat comes the afternoon thunderstorms and with that the forest fires. We have three forest fires that are burning close to the lodge but post not threat at this time. As with most lighting strikes it takes some time to develop into a forest fire and one always has to be watching. Our guests out fishing actually spotted two of the fires. But other than some smoky days all is well.

Not bad for a flyrod.

One of many that night

We are at the tail end of the good fly-fishing along the many shoals of the lake shore for the Lake Trout, White Fish and Pike remain in the shallow water as they never do go very deep. We had a fellow in a wheelchair here last week and he was really dialed into the big lake trout on a fly using a streamer pattern with a fast sinking line in deep water with fish in excess of 30lbs. Many great days were had flyfishing along the shoals for the smaller Lake Trout and Whitefish with lots of dry fly action as well. June is always the best for flyfishing and then later in August. With these long days of summer many of the guests have been out to the early hours in the morning enjoying the lake all to themselves as there is still 24 hours of daylight.

Double on flyrods.
Makes it all worthwhile.

Bigger fish are being taken every day with fish over 30lbs using both spoons and jigs of various colours. Trolling the jigs and or jigging then just off the bottom in 50 to 80 feet of water has been very productive. Afternoons and evenings are working the best. There are also some big schools of bait fish starting to show up and this will make for some great flyfishing later on in the season when the schools start coming closer to the surface and shore.

The garden is doing great with some radishes, lettuce and green beans already ready for the picking, tomatoes are starting to show along with everything else. Nothing tastes better than walking out to the garden and picking something to eat right off the plant.

With these smoky skies, it makes for some incredible photograph and at times I think it helps to improve the fishing as well. If you are still thinking of a fishing trip for this year, there is still time.

A couple of the weeks for next year are already full so don’t wait and miss out on the time if you would like to reserve a trip

Waiting for the big one.

Until next time, have a great summer and take a kid fishing.

Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge