Hi everyone, hope all is well and you are enjoying the summer. It is great to be back at the lodge for another summer, great fishing, seeing the old guest and meeting the new ones. As we have been under way for a couple of weeks know and already with guests as far away as Australia and many destinations in between. Also this week we have a father, son and grandson here and it is great to see and listen to what the little guy has to say and the questions that he asks. No better holiday for a grandson than fishing with his grandpa and dad.

Almost there, another 6 hours.

Glad we don’t have bug’s like this at the lodge.

With the drive up this spring, there were places where it was quite smoky from some of the forest fires in the north and numerous wildlife was spotted along the way from moose, deer, black bears, grizzly bears, caribou, stone sheep, fox, lynx and bison.

 Grizzly on the side of the road on the way up.

Everything was good at the lodge this year when we got back with no damage from the bears or the long winter. We did have to do some repairs on one for the docks that we us for moving all of the supplies in at start of the season. But with some help it didn’t take too long and yes the water was cold and the wader’s didn’t leek.

Our move-in dock, what a mess.


The lake took a little longer than usual to turn over but now that it has, the flyfishing has been incredible using both dry and sinking patterns. May flies, chironomids, sedges, damsels both green and brown have been hatching with both the lake trout and whitefish feeding on them. At shore lunch, one of the fishermen brought in a lake trout that was stuffed full of sculpin, I have seen the lake trout full of cisco before but nothing like what this one was. Using a fly pattern that represents them has proven to be very successfully in a little bet deeper waters.

Lake trout on the fly in shallow water.

Sculpin inside a lake trout, how much more can they eat. 

The best flyfishing at this time of the year is along the many shoals that we have in the lake also allowing for so great sight fishing as you are fishing in waters that are 1 to 2 feet deep for both the lake trout and lake whitefish. Many compare it to fishing for bone fish in the tropic’s with fish averaging 5 to 8 lbs.

For the gear fisherman, bright coloured spoons and jugs have been working well, fishing in a little deeper water both trolling and casting. An unusual number of lake whitefish have been caught this year using spoons were normally they could only be caught on flies. The gear fishermen are usually fishing in the deeper water between 20 to 60 feet with good results and much bigger fish.

Moose crossing in front of the lodge. 

Going for another load. 

Some wildlife has already been spotted along the lake, black bear, moose, swans and bald eagles. A couple of days ago a cow moose with twin calves swam across the lake out in front of the lodge for most of the guests to see. With 24 hrs of daylight this time of the year, I can’t think of a better place to be for the summer. For anyone still thinking about a fishing trip for this year, we do have some spots available for the trip of a life time.

This could be you.

Until next time, enjoy your summer and take a kid fishing.

Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge