Hope everyone is well and looking forward to another great summer. My thoughts go out to all of those who are living in the East and are having to deal with all of the flooding that is and has taken place. Out West here there has been a lack of snow and virtually no spring rains and some forest fires already. With those that I have talked to in the Yukon, there was very little snow this last winter and spring is well on its way with some of the rivers and lakes already free of ice.

With all of the shows behind me now it is time to start doing all of the shopping and filling up the want lists from last season. There is always lots to do during the summer and it always seems to interfere with my fishing time. Some of you have asked, do I every tire of it and the answer is no. When you enjoy what you are doing, it never seems like work. I can’t imagine going to work every day because you have to. I tell my kids that I’m going to retire one of these years and they inform me that I have been retire for the last 25 years and wouldn’t know what to do if I had a real job.

This could be you

I know there’s a fish down here some where

This is the time of year when I spend much my time day dreaming about the season to come and what to expect when we first get off the plane at the lodge, it always feel like we just left it yesterday and then the work starts, flying in all of the supplies, food, fuel and the list goes on. We will be flying into the lodge on June 1rst and getting everything ready for the first guests who arrive on the 6th for the start of another great summer. I can’t wait for the first shore lunch as the fish never tastes better and fresher than when it is right out of the lake and into the frying pan and all of the fixings that go with the short lunch.

First arriving, everything looks good and now the work starts.

For anyone still thinking about a fishing trip for this year, there is still some openings available. If you are into flyfishing, June is best for the Lake Trout and Whitefish. The Northern Pike never do go to the deep water and can be readily taken with a fly anytime. If you are spin-casting and trolling anytime is good. June and July is 24hrs of daylight and if you come after August 10th you have a good chance of seeing the northern lights. With guests coming from all over the world, you never know who you will meet and maybe even start up a new friendship on your fishing trip. It’s not always about the fishing as we have incredible scenery, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, wildlife viewing, or just enjoying yourself on the deck with a good book, a glass of wine and the campfire is always going.

Until next time, enjoy your spring, get all of your yard work finished so you can come fishing.

Thanks from Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge