Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring months. Here at home, spring has been late coming and now that it is here it is almost too hot.

Now for all of the yard work until we head north for the summer. Spring is also late in coming up north but with any luck the great fly fishing should last even longer into the season. 

With the trapping season over and with all the fishing shows completed, my thoughts are all on the great summer season coming up and everything that needs to be done before heading up to Whitehorse and flying into the lodge to get everything opened up.

When flying into the lodge for the first time we never know if the ice is off the lake or not as there is no one out that way and it is quite a ways out of the way for someone to fly over to let us know.

There has been a couple of years when we have had to walk into the lodge because of the ice. There is usually some place on the lake were you can land a float plane and hopefully it will be close to the lodge but that has not always been the case and can end up being a long walk. 

When we get to the lodge, then there is always the concern as to whether or not there has been any damage over the winter from wildlife, one year we had a bear get into the lodge. It is incredible how much damage they can do, it would have been nice if he would have used the door but instead he went right through a wall.  

There hasn’t been the damage like we experienced in the past thanks to the electric fence that we have around the lodge which keeps working even after we are gone as it is on solar.


A couple of other times we have had grouse fly through some of the windows on the cabins and other than that we have been pretty lucky. 


When we get there for the first time in the spring it is like you never left. Walking down the dock everything looks and feels like you were there yesterday with the exception of no boats in the water and the lodge is boarded up.  

After a couple of days of getting everything up and running my thoughts are always thinking about fishing, who will catch the first one and what will be the big one for the season. The sound of someone hooting and hollering about one they have hooked off the dock and it is even more enjoyable when it is a kid and just to see the expression on their face makes the summer even that more memorable.  

I have been taking my chocolate lab, Missy for long walks and every time we are by water she just can’t wait to jump in, no doubt she will also be fishing off the dock again hoping to catch a pike. Some of the pictures taken off of the dock have been with some kids fishing and the dog beside them.

For any of you who are thinking about a fishing trip for this year, there are only a couple of spots left in June and a few more in July and August with more bookings coming in.  

Don’t miss out on a fishing trip of a lifetime and you may even end up being one of our many repeat guests. The next fishing report will be from the lodge with only fishing on our minds.

Until next time, enjoy your spring and take a kid fishing.

From Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge