Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and ready for spring. For us in Western Canada it has been one of the strangest winters that I can remember and a green Christmas, what’s with that?! That’s just not Canadian . With low snowpacks and only one real cold spell, I’m hoping its not going to be another bad fire season ahead of us.

At the lodge it has been winter as usual with the coldest temperatures that I saw -43 degrees, it would be your turn to stoke the wood stove and you better hope that there is enough firewood to last. But with spring on its way, the days are getting longer with sunset at almost 7:00 and it is gaining 6 minutes a day.

Trapping is fished for another season and it’s time to put all of the stuff away, fix what is broken, check over the skidoo and be all ready for this fall again.

My poor dog (Missy) is beside herself not being in the bush running around. She has nothing to do but she definitely knows how to catch up on her sleep!

A day o remember, no one for miles.

Can you turn the TV down please, I’m trying to sleep.

I did not attend any shows this year and it feels strange not to be on the road doing them; ever since Covid the public attendance as well as exhibitors at the shows has decreased. After talking to some of the guys that I know, it doesn’t sound like I have missed much. I don’t miss all the driving, staying in hotels and eating out, but I do miss not seeing all the previous guests… I was going to say “old guys” but then that means almost all of us! HA! But when you are fishing it doesn’t matter how old you are as all of our thoughts are about fishing, who you are with and the day.

It’s a little early to start doing all of the shopping for this year, but if I could just stop adding to the lists of things that I need or should get that would be great.

It's hard not to think of the place everyday with what needs to be done, but also all forward to all the fun times with the guests and of course the fishing.

Come on Kid, can’t you see it.

One of many.

About the only real project planned for this year is building a new woodshed and of course someone will have to fill it. Then there is fixing anything that may have happened during the winter, about the worst that can happen and has in the past, is a bear getting into the lodge or a tree falling on one of the buildings. All of which can be fixed but it does cut into our fishing time.

A perfect catch.

Cristal clear waters for site fishing.

For anyone planning on a fishing trip this year, don’t be want to be putting it off to long as some of the weeks are already sold out. June and early July is the best for flyfishing along with 24hrs of daylight. July and August is when we usually catch our biggest fish and then if you come after August the 10th you have a good chance of seeing the northern lights as it is finally getting dark enough in the evenings. From what I have read and seen on the news, the next 2 years are supposed to be spectacular! It doesn’t matter how may times you have seen them, every time is different.

You have to be there.

We already have guests coming from Australia, England, USA and of course Canada with a number for Dad’s bringing their sons and grand kids. Its always nice to see the expressions on the young ones faces when they get to the lodge, for many it is their first time on a floatplane, being so remote and for couple of kids, it was their first time ever catching a fish.

Are you on this flight 

From Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge and yes, don’t forget to take a kid fishing.