Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer.

For us up here we had a pretty hot spell with thunderstorms causing some forest fires that could be seen from the lodge. With that came the smoke from fires in Alaska and the Yukon. Since then we have had some rain to help cool things down and the skies are clear blue again with unlimited visibility. Hard to believe that a month and a half have already gone by since we first walked into the lodge this spring and less time than that since the last of the ice was floating around on the lake.

Fresh vegetables, it won’t be long now.

The gardens are doing great with lots of fresh salads with lettuce and broccoli; it will be some time yet before the tomato’s, beans and everything else that we have growing will be ready. But it’s a start and nothing tastes better than vegetables right out of the garden. It looks like there will be lots of wild berries again this year and the mushrooms are already starting to show up. I’m not to sure at what I’m looking for, so I leave well enough alone.

Mayflies hatching out.

Now for the good stuff, the flyfishing along the shoals is almost over for lake trout and whitefish as they are starting to move into the deeper water. There have been some incredible hatches of may flies and damsels. The caddis and sedges are starting to come which will make for some great flyfishing for trout in 10 to 20 feet of water.

This year the schools of cisco are all over the lake and once you can find them it makes for some great fishing using both spoons and streamer patterns for the flyfishermen. These schools have been everywhere from the shallow water to out in the deep. When you can find them in the shallow water it make for some great northern pike fishing and have had a number of them over 40” already this year.

The big lake trout are starting to show up with over half a dozen over 30lbs yesterday and it should only get better as we move along through the summer. We have been catching them on both big spoons and jigs. Fishing in the 50 to 70 foot range. Jigging was most productive yesterday with lots of doubles on at the same. That defiantly adds to the excitement and numerous times there were other fish coming up with the one you had already caught.

Now that’s a start

Come on mom, wait up.

There have been numerous wildlife spotted along the lake shore. The other day we were treated to a cow moose with twin calves swimming across the lake in front of the lodge. Other moose and bears have also been seen along the lake shore and a couple of guests got to witness a bald eagle catch a juvenile swan. Its all part of nature and one of those rare sights that you will never forget.

It’s still not getting dark but you can tell that things are changing. Within another month we should be able to see the first stars of the summer and then will come the chance of seeing the northern lights. For anyone still thinking of a fishing trip this summer, there is still time, and it could turn out to be your trip of a lifetime.

This could be you coming in from an evening’s fishing in the sun set.

Until next time; enjoy your summer and take a kid fishing.
Talk to you soon.

Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge

Brian Soroka
Sunday, July 24th, 2022 at 12:28PM
Every time I look at the Kluane Lodge website I get the urge to return.