Hope everyone is well and staying safe.

With everything that is going on in the world and the travel restrictions in place it was looking like they may close off access to the Yukon for non-residents. Fearing this may happen, Deb, the cook and I drove to the Yukon and flew to the lodge in a plane on skiis and landed in 3 feet of soft snow. On the drive up we went through all kinds of weather and some slippery roads. Along the way we saw caribou and bison as well as beautiful winter scenery. When we were asked;” how we were planning to do our 2 weeks of quarantine”; I thought 200 miles in the bush should work .

You will just have to wait.

Can’t a guy get any sleep around here.

This is the earliest that I have ever been at the lodge and it is quite different coming here when everything is covered with snow and the lake is frozen over. There was no damage to the lodge or any of the cabins but the drifting snow over the winter was sure piled up in places. The flight in was very different with no open water anywhere. We did see some bison from the air and lots of tracks in the snow where the old forest fires were; probably from moose and caribou.

Coming up to the lake.

View of the lodge from the air in the winter.

Days are spent filling wood boxes for the stoves. Deb has informed me that we do have running water; I just have to run for it whenever she needs some. Not a lot else to do until the snow melts which shouldn’t be too long now with temperatures reaching +17 for 2 days and +20 on another. When the ice melts we will be able to put the water pump in the lake and have running water; the real kind (). The coldest we have seen it here since we have been here was – 18 degrees C. You can sure get a sun burn with those temperatures and the reflection off the snow. It is daylight by 6:30 and the sun is going down by 10:15, long days already.

Going to get the gear with the canoe.

Snow piled up behind the lodge.

We went for a long walk yesterday on a skidoo trail that the trapper had made over the winter. It had frozen hard overnight so it was easy walking until the sun warmed things up; but we did get back before it got the tough to walk. It was different walking on the trail we would normally travel on with the canoes or kayaks in the summer.

 I know there is a mouse in here somewhere 

There were 2 otters sliding across the ice in front of the lodge this morning. The bald eagles are starting to show up as well as more song birds are coming around every day. I’m sure once there is open water the ducks and swans will be here.

For those of you who have trips booked with us, as soon as the travel restrictions come off we will be open. If the restrictions come off later in the season we can always reschedule your trip for later on this year or into next year; whatever you prefer. For those of you who are still thinking of a fishing trip for this year; I can’t think of a safer place to be!

Our first guests of the year.

Until next time be safe and hope that all is well.
Brian and the Staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge