Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer. Our thoughts go out to all of you who are having to endure one of the worst forest fire seasons on record.

For us, fall has arrived here in the Yukon with the first flock of geese flying south starting on the 9 of August and we have already had a touch of frost that set some of the plants back in the garden. The leaves on some of the trees are starting to change colour along with many of the plants in the bush also changing colour. The ducks are all flocking up and the swans are starting to show up at the lake on their way south.

I think I will make a little salad  

I hope they have the coffee on. 

Our gardens and green houses have been doing great and we are having a hard time keeping up with everything that has come ready to eat. Nothing tastes better than eating something right out of the garden. All of the wild berries, and mushrooms are getting ripe and ready to eat.

It has been overcast the last few days so we have been unable to see if there are any northern lights out and yes; it is starting to get dark.

Lots of big fish have been caught with trout over 30lbs almost every day and last week a guest caught a real monster over 50lbs. Its measurements were 44” long and a girth of 30”. One happy fisherman! But being a fisherman I can’t imagine how big it is now .

God, I hope they don’t get any bigger.

 Who say’s the big ones always get away 

Lots of big pike are also being caught both flyfishing and spin casting in 10 to 15 feet of water. Looking for areas were there are tall weeds and fishing on the lake side of them. Bright colours for the spin casters with a fast retrieve. Streamer patterns and bright colours are also working well for the fly fisherman with a quick retrieve.

Holey this one is almost as fat as some of the guests.

 Come on, put me back. 

Spoons have been working great for the lake trout as well as jigs, both trolling or jigging them off the bottom in 50 to 70 feet of water. The colours change almost every day so its just a matter of figuring out what works the best. With the water temperature starting to go down the fish are becoming more active, the water temperature has dropped 10 degrees in the last 10 days and is now right around 60 degrees.

What a way to start the trip, first fish 

With the border being open for international travel we are starting to get some of our American guests coming for some late season fishing and as a bonus, a chance to see the northern lights and all of the fall colours. Fall is my favorite time of the year with the changing of the seasons. We are kind of lucky as we get two falls, as when we head back down south it is still summer and fall comes around the first week in October.

For anyone still looking for a late season fishing trip we do still have some spots available and next year is booking up fast with all of June sold out.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Until next time, take a kid fishing.

From Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge