Hope everyone is well and ready for summer.

For us at the lodge spring is here the ice is gone with no damage to the docks. It has been neat to be here and experience spring in the north and how fast it comes. Most of the big flocks of birds have gone past with still a few stragglers coming by. We have a different shore bird on the lake that I have never seen before, a Black-belled Plover and Greater Scaups that some people call blue bills because of their blue bills. Both appear to be staying around hopefully for the summer. Many of the other ducks have also shown up, Mallards, Blue and Green Wing Teal, Northern Shoveler, Surf Scoter, Barrow’s Goldeneye, American Wigeon and the Northern Pintail to name a few. It is truly a bird watcher paradise.

New to the area.

Wait up.

We have a black bear making visits close to the lodge feeding in one of the bays that has started to green up and also the other day we had a grizzly bear show up feeding along the shore, only the third time that I have seen one on the lake.

Looking for lunch.

What is it?

Along with the birds there is a flower that I have never seen either and I can’t find it in any of the books that I have to identify it with. Many of the other flowers are still a few days away, with the warmer weather it won’t take long with many of these flowers lasting all summer.

Anyone else for a swim 

On the top of the world.

With spring here, the gardens are planted and many of the plants are already up and some of the chores that have been put aside for years are being caught up with but still finding time to enjoy the lake and the changes that have taken place. When the ice starts to melt and if there is a wind it can push it up on shore with such force that it is hard to imagine along with the noise that comes with it.

Picture is worth a thousand words.

The trout and white fish are up along the shoals feeding on the insect life that is starting to hatch out. Large hatches of chronomids are starting to show up along with a few cadis flies already. All making for some great dry fly and sight fishing. Although these fish are not large like you would get out in the deeper water it is some of the most enjoyable fishing that you can have. With the Lake Trout the inside of their mouths is white and when you see a white flash, lift up on the rod and you are hooked up and into a great experience on a fly rod.

Our days are long now with the sun not going down until after midnight and even then it’s not getting totally dark with the longest day of the year still almost a month away.

Midnight in the Yukon.

 Not on my dock.

Until next time from Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge.