Hi everyone, hope all is well, and you are enjoying your summer.

I hear that it has been hot for most, as it is for us up here too. It has been warm with temperatures in the mid-30’s, with one day reaching a high of 39 degrees. Way too hot for me, but some brave guests have gone swimming. The water will have to warm up a bit before I go for a swim. It’s currently around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but that hasn’t stopped them from paddle boarding and kayaking.

 It doesn’t get any better than this.

Come on mom, wait up.

We had a cow moose and her twin calves swim by the front of the lodge last night for a second time. Looks like they will be hanging around for some time. Others have seen black bears and lynx as well. The eagle chicks are getting bigger and, in another month, should be almost ready to fly. The ducklings are getting bigger, but there is not as many as we have seen in the past.

Can you tie this good .

There’s not a lot of room left for anyone else.

Plenty of big fish have been caught both trolling and fly fishing. The shoals are still producing with some great catches of lake trout, pike and whitefish. Mayflies and caddis flies are starting to show up, making for some great dry fly fishing, mostly in the mornings and evenings, even though it still doesn’t get dark.

No, not the girls again.

That’s better .

For the gear fishermen, spoons and jigs have been working well both in shallow water and in depths between 40 to 80 feet, using bright colours mostly, although it does change from day to day at times. It’s just a matter of changing up and finding what is working. The deeper water and bright lures would work best for the people fishing for lake trout as the pike are not very often found in the deeper water and the whitefish are usually only caught on flies.

The gardens are doing great, and we are already eating radishes, lettuce, and spinach. It won’t be long before the zucchini, tomatoes, and everything else is ready. Nothing tastes better than picking something right out of the garden and enjoying it.

Early morning in the gardens.

For anyone still thinking of a fishing trip or even seeing the northern lights this year, there is still time to book that trip of a lifetime with everything that we have to offer. Also with the trips in August and early September you can enjoy seeing the fall colours, and the water fowl starting to fly south. The lake is a stop over spot for the swans and some years we will have a couple hundred feeding in the bays.

Hope someone hurries up with the hot dogs, its not easy being a guard dog up here you know.

Until next time have a great summer and take a kid fishing. It could be the highlight of your year.

From Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge.