Hope everyone is well and safe.

Spring is here at Kluane Lodge with all the song birds showing up, thousands of swans have flown over along with ducks and geese. Hard to believe that on April 30th it was -10 C. with blowing snow and wind gusts to 20mph and here we are May 4 and the lake is starting to thaw out with the ice about 10 feet from shore.

I thought winter was over April 30 -10c

We have 3 otters that keep hanging around and a black bear that we have seen a few times keeping his distance from the lodge which is good. The first time we saw him, he was walking across the ice in front of the lodge, probably just out of hibernation. It has been incredible how fast all of the birds have shown up with everything from robins, swallows, finches, junco’s, black birds to name a few. It’s really something to see the changes that take place in the spring as everything comes alive for the rest of the year. Unless you are at one place for a length of time you never get to experience these changes.

Before the ice got too soft, we went for a long walk to an old trappers cabin that I found some years ago, makes you realize just how tough those guys were back then with the clothes and equipment that they would have had compare to what we have now.

The dock was creaking and groaning yesterday with the ice starting to move, the last thing I need to do is repair or replace the dock again. Hoping to be able to put the water pump in the lake this week as the ice will have melted in the bay, the final thing to getting everything back to normal at the lodge.

Great day for a walk

Days gone by, what a story it could tell

We had a plane come in a few days ago with a barrel of gas and some more supplies, it will be the last time we have a plane until the ice is all gone. As there was no snow on the lake they were able to come with a wheel plane instead of one with skis.

The last load until the ice is off

The sun goes down at 10:30 and you can still see the sun set at 12:30 with the sun rise beginning around 4:00 am. The days are getting longer with frost still in the mornings but not for long I hope. Radishes are already up in the green houses and it will soon be time to plant the rest of the stuff. This will be the earliest that we have started the gardens and it will be nice to have vegetables right out of the garden, nothing tastes better.

Still no change or news as to what or when the travel restrictions are going to be lifted. In the north here there have been very few cases of the outbreak and is probably one of the safest places in the world to go for a holiday and fishing trip .I will be in contact with those of you who have trips booked with us for the start of the season with an update on what is happening and what we can do if your trip has to be postponed to another date.

Come on, let’s get going

In the meantime be safe and get ready for better times to come.
From Brian and the staff at Kluane Wilderness Lodge