Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer.

It’s hard to believe that we are half way through the season. Our summer so far has been cooler than normal which has the lake remaining colder than normal for this time of the year. The surface temperature is at 58 degrees and normally it would be at about 65 degrees.  


This has allowed for a longer fly-fishing season both with dry and wet flies along the many shoals. Mayflies, caddies, damsels and sedges have been emerging all along. This making for some great fly-fishing along the shoals for both the lake trout, northern pike and white fish.

There are schools of bait fish showing up and it shouldn’t take long before the lake trout and pike start to feed on them which makes for some great fly-fishing as well using streamer patterns with a fast retrieve or using small spoons also on a fast retrieve.

These schools of bait fish (cisco) are usually in the 20 to 30 foot range and can be located by watching for sea galls and in some cases you can even smell them when they are schooled up.

With the weather warming up the gardens are really starting to take off. We have already been eating radishes, green and yellow beans. The zucchini shouldn’t be long now, other things that are planted are potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, corn, onions and different kinds of lettuce. Hopefully we won’t have frost for some time and be able to enjoy fresh vegetables right out of the garden. Nothing tastes better than vegetables right out of the garden. The wild berries like strawberries, blue berries and cloud berries are also starting to get ripe as well.

On our trail cameras we have caught pictures of lynx, black bears and a wolf. You seldom see these animals around the lodge and would think that there is nothing around but then when you set up a trail cam just a short distance away from the lodge, there they are. 


Fishing with spoons and jigs has been very successful with a number of big fish being taken. We haven’t hit the 50 pound mark yet but are getting closer.

Every day is different as to what is working and what color is best. Also with the water being cooler than normal the fish are more scattered throughout the lake and you have to spend the time to locate where the concentrations of fish are.

The same can be said for the pike, but there are always spots that consistently produce lots of fish and larger ones. With the weeds getting taller as the season progresses, fishing along the weed line and using spoons with a fast retrieve or troll can be very productive.

All of the young birds are starting to show up, we had a mallard duck with 9 young but thanks to the pike she is down to 6. With the way that they are growing it shouldn’t be long before they are too big for the pike to take.

The bald eagles are always the threat to ducks and we have a number of nests along the lake and a number of juveniles on the prowl this year.

Some guests get confused and think that the juvenile bald eagles are golden eagle and they do look somewhat alike but in all the years I have only seen a couple of them on the lake. 

We have past the summer solstice but it still is not getting dark and you can fish around the clock if you like, which some of the guests have done this year. This always makes for some great stories and memories that will last a life time.

From Brian and the staff at Kluane... Have a great summer!